Seeking out an affordable dentist in Auckland becomes more difficult when you have your whole family to consider. Does your general dentist understand the special needs of your young children? Will they specialise in addressing your son’s fear of the dentist or the complications with your daughter’s baby teeth? And worse, do you find yourself driving across town between a general dentist and kids’ dentist to meet the individual needs of each member of your family?
Opting for a family dentist could be the solution to all these problems! Read on to see how a family dentist could make a tremendous difference in your life.

A family dentist is very convenient for the family on the go

Unlike general dentists, which typically specialise in a particular dental focus and sometimes have age limits (both minimum and maximum) on who they admit, family dentists are studied in all of the practices necessary to care for patients of all ages. A paediatric dentist, meanwhile, can offer specialised care to your children, but you’ll have to make separate arrangements for yourself and your partner. A family dentist offers you the chance to complete all of your family’s dentistry needs under one roof. This means you can handle all your family’s dental needs at the same time.
Many family dentists manage their schedules in such a way that you can admit your entire family together, either simultaneously or consecutively, and spare yourself the extra trips. Family dentists are willing to consult with you to develop a family plan that works for your schedule.

A family dentist understands the unique challenges of treating children

Children pose unique challenges for dentists. To state the obvious, they have smaller, more sensitive mouths, requiring narrower and more delicate manoeuvring. Children will also be undergoing check-ups as new teeth are growing in and orthodontics are most frequently undertaken between the ages of 10 and 14.
A family dentist who has experience with children can also handle the psychological obstacles of treating children, from calming their fears of the dentist to communicating good dental hygiene practices in a fun and encouraging way.

Family dentists meet the need of your whole family

It is a universal truth that everyone should visit the dentist twice a year for a check-up, but a check-up for an adult is not the same as a check-up for a child or for the elderly. A family dentist specialises in recognising these differences and offering appropriate dental care to all ages.
Visit a family dentist for regular check-ups and teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, cavity fillings, and gum disease treatment, and stay for your children’s orthodontics and any cosmetic dentistry procedures your family dentist office might specialise in, such as veneers or whitening. As you get older, your family dentist may also provide specialised senior care including denture repair.

Family dentists offer a chance at an abiding dentist-patient relationship

It’s great to have a dentist who knows you, your family, and your specific dental needs. Bringing your whole family to a family dentist introduces your children to a dentist who will treat them into adulthood and possibly beyond. For more information on the benefits of a great Auckland family dental clinic, contact us at Chapel Park Dental today.