Covid 19 Update Level II Dental Guidelines

Covid 19 Positive
Covid 19 Positive (suspected)
Close Contact with Covid 19 or with a suspected Covid 19
Exhibiting one or more symptoms of Covid 19

COVID19 Updates

Please self screen yourself using the options below :

  1. Are you aged 70 years and over?
  2. Do you have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19?
  3. Have you, or anyone living or coming with you, had contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19?
  4. Are you, or anyone living or coming with you, returned from Overseas in the last 14 days currently in self-isolation or living in a household with somene self-isolating?
  5. Do you have any symptoms of- Sore throat, Cough, Shortness of Breath, High Temperature of over 38 degrees Celsius?

Please contact the practice on 0800 437 645

  1. If you feel you have a dental emergency Please be advised that we may not be able to see you without appropriate advice. It is very important that we protect other members of the community and us so we kindly request you to respect this.
  2. If you feel you fit the criteria for emergency dental care and are either a patient of our practice or unable to get in touch with your practice.

COVID-19 is spread by air-borne aerosols and that is a very big risk to dental professionals. Please note that most of the dental procedures are Aerosol Generating Procedures such as use of High Speed Drills used for fillings, Crowns, root canals and scaling etc.

If you have an appointment time, please arrive at the scheduled time and please remain in your car – please call us back with your vehicle details and please wait in the car until a staff member signals you to come in.

We remain committed to the safety and well-being of our community, our patients, staff and their families. We are also very grateful to you for your understanding at this difficult time. Please help us by following the protocols defined above.

Thank you and Stay safe